My Winter Skincare

May 21, 2017
winter skincare

Winter is coming… or is already here. It’s so hard to tell here in Perth. The weather changes from being bearable (like shorts + long sleeves bearable) to freezing – turn that heater on now! I am confused from piling up my jumpers, winter socks and taking extra long hot showers. Coming from the tropics, this is a shock to me and another thing I noticed my skin has gone out of sync! The hot showers, temperamental weather and the heater does not help your skin. After experimenting many products, I finally found a routine that is working for me.

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Essentials Oils I Love and How I Use Them

May 20, 2017
young living essential oils

Never thought I would be writing about essentials oil. Ever since I started on them, it has dramatically changed my life. At first, I was a little sceptical I wasn’t sure if the oils worked or I was just trying to make myself believe they were working. I have a thing for nice smells, so I started with diffusing them around the house. It made the house smell so nice and slowly I noticed that it started to affect our moods. Whenever I feel overwhelmed/upset – I would diffuse Joy + Lemon (from Young Living) and my mood would lift! I have no explanation how except I feel so much better and nicer.

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6 Things I Learned When I Started Working Out Consistently

May 18, 2017

I have always been a sporty and fitness girl, but it was never consistent. I would play futsal & netball once a week and that’s the extent of my fitness. I tried to get into yoga, Kayla Itsines & boot camp but I could not keep up with it. Ever since moving to Perth, I have been going to (reformer) Pilates x 4 a week including my weekly futsal and netball games. It’s been a game changer! I finally found a workout I really like and it’s Pilates!

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4 Things That I Really Love To Have But Don’t Need

May 9, 2017
4 Things That I Really Love To Have But Don't Need

When I was packing up my childhood room to move to Perth – I planned out that I needed to get rid (or donate) of 50% of my things. The remaining 50% I had to get rid another 50%. From what’s left – I allowed myself to only bring 10% of my things to Perth. Basically, the things I brought over to Perth was my main essentials. One of my reasons was… I wanted to start fresh. I wanted to rid of clutter and buy things that only add value to my life. Starting fresh and decluttering still can’t stop me from wanting things that are beautiful, pretty and just CUTE. Here are 5 things that I really love to have but don’t need.

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5 Good Habits I’ve Picked Up Since Moving To Perth

April 19, 2017

If we are not counting, I’ve been coming on and off to Perth for the past 4 years ish. It’s safe to say, I lived in two different worlds! My first world was in KL – busy, bustling city. Shops until late. Restaurants are 24/7. Friends and family live close by, so there’s always someone to hang out with. Food is so amazing that I would travel 1-2 hours for it. Then, my new world, Perth – beautiful, fresh clean weather. Parks and beaches 5 minutes away. GOOD coffee. My husband. I am not afraid to admit, my quality of life in KL was not good. I was always staying up late (too many distractions), eating good food but not necessarily good or nutritional for me and there was always drama of some sort. If not friends, it’s friends at my sport’s club, or family, or other people’s drama that somehow is important to me. Since moving to Perth, my quality of life IMPROVED big time! I made conscious effort to change my bad habits. It was a distraction for to not feel homesick. Results are starting to show! Below are 5 good habits I picked up since moving to Perth

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LDR Relationships travel

Tips For Moving Away For Love: When You Arrive

March 31, 2017
Tips For Moving Away For Love- During Your Move

This is my 3rd post (Read Part 1 & Part 2) on tips for moving away for love. So you’re finally here! You’ve arrived! It’s been a surreal journey and you can’t believe you are finally with your long distance love or should i say… close distance love? (bad joke) Bad joke or not, you’re here! It’s overwhelming. There’s so many things you need to do to get yourself set up! It took me close to 2 months to get myself settled in and that’s with me previously living in Perth. I already had a bank card, was familiar with things and etc. Here are 5 tips on what to do when you arrive.

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LDR Relationships travel

Tips For Moving Away For Love: During Your Move

March 11, 2017
Tips For Moving Away For Love- During Your Move

In my last post, I talked about the planning of your big move to your long-distance love. Steps you need you to do BEFORE you go. This second post is to help you with the “during” process of your move. Every thing I am about to write is purely based on my personal experience. I found this step really hard. The excitement of finally being with Don died dow. Things got serious, really quick. I did a check list of things I needed to do and realised that I had 1001 things to do. I had to pack up my room, get my things ready, spend time with my family & etc. It was an overwhelming week for me. Below are 6 things I did to make my move easier

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LDR Relationships travel

Tips For Moving Away For Love: Before You Go

February 26, 2017
Tips For Moving Away For Love

This post is for couples who have decided that they want to close the distance and want to take their relationship to the next level. Moving to another country/state for love. It took Don and me a few years to close the distance. We had many obstacles between we needed to go through before. To name a few it was money, family and our visa. I knew he was the one for me, it just took (a lot) of time for us to be finally together. Now that we are together after years of being apart. Here are some tips I have for you:

01 Make sure you know they’re the one
I read so many blogs, stories about long distance couples closing the distance because they want to be together. They met online, fell in love and want to be together! They do it before they the both of them are ready. Moving away (from your family & life) for love is not an easy thing. Get to know your partner well enough to know that they are the one for you. BE 100% SURE. Nothing is more heartbreaking than going on the flight back home after a breakup. So be sure!

02 Do it on your own account
Your main reason to move away is for love, but do it for you. Do it because you want to it. Not because your long distance love asked you to. Do because you want to challenge yourself to a new environment. Do it because you want to learn a new language, immerse yourself in a new culture.

03 Save Money
It is expensive to move away. Saving money is the one thing that will give you freedom to do this. You want to be able to have the security of being able to support yourself before you get a job. Setting up a new life is expensive! It’s from settling into your home, covering your basic needs (toiletries, grooming and coffee). I am still having a hard time adjusting to how expensive is things are here as compared to KL. I would recommend saving three to six month of your current salary as a comfortable buffer. You might have to sacrifice a few luxuries, but it’ll be worth it in the end!

04 Research/Get your visa
This part is SO important! You need to research and understand what kind of visa lets you stay in the country. In my case, we are applying for the spousal visa which lets me get a Permanent Residency. Before that, when I visited Don, I was on a Tourist Visa which lets me stay in Australia for 3 months each visit. There are so many types of visa available, don’t get dishearten if you think there is no “right” visa for you.

05 Spend time with your family & friends
I know this goes without saying, but SPEND AS MUCH TIME AS YOU CAN WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS. I spent a lot of time with my family and friends and it still felt like it wasn’t enough. It’s super exciting to be moving away, gaining new experience and going on adventures. Your family and friends will also be missing you. Don and I ended our long distance relationship. The consequence of that is… I am now in a long distance relationship with my family and friends. I know it’s 2017, there is video chats and voice messages, but there nothing like going for coffee or having a meal with your loved ones.

06 Check out for jobs
The first thing you probably need to do after settling down is looking for a job. Before you leave, make sure your resume is updated. Get your references from your bosses. Some countries, you would need to get qualified for certain jobs. In Australia, if you want to do cash babysitting jobs, you would need to get a Work With Children clearance. So, make sure you get all your area covered. Another tip is, go on their job hunt websites (Australia’s SEEK) and see what kind of jobs are available. Every week I would go on SEEK and check out what positions in the industry I would like to potentially work in are available. This is just to give you an idea of what’s to come in job sense.

My next post will be about what to do during the move! Stay tuned for that!


Getting Married

#KAYXFEN: The Solemnization Ceremony

February 13, 2017

Read part 1 here

Like I mentioned in the previous post, I didn’t have time to mentally prepare myself before walking in the hall. I was from scoffing down a curry puff chill to nervous beyond words. It was so surreal, it felt like time was moving by so fast. Seeing the hall full of familiar faces was surreal as I had only seen it empty the night before. My heart was thumping so hard! I was so nervous, I was literally clinging to my mother for support. Walking in we had all eyes, phones and smiles on us! It was again, so surreal. I couldn’t believe that months of planning. It was finally happening!

Walking down the hall, I took my seat on the dais with my mother. I was told to not look around the hall “Don’t let your eyes wander, keep your eyes down” well, that didn’t happen! I couldn’t help but look around. I was so happy to see my close family and friends in the hall, witnessing this special day with us. During the wait for the Tok Kadi (spokesperson) to start the ceremony, I couldn’t help but notice how confident Don looked. Not a single trace of nervousness. He was smiling and looked so happy.

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