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LDR Relationships

Interracial Relationships: Clash of Cultures

If you spend some time with Don and me, you can tell that we’re two different people but very alike. We have the same ideas of what we want in life, our passions, what we think about aliens, personal goals and etc. The “different”…

October 20, 2015
LDR Relationships

How To Deal With Long-Distance Breakups

Recently, I found out that one of my LDR buddies broke up with her boyfriend. Really sad times… We had a chat about it – she seemed okay, but I knew deep down she was a sad and disappointed about the breakup. As she…

October 9, 2015
LDR Relationships

5 Racist Things I Have Said To My White boyfriend

I come from Malaysia where it’s a melting pot of culture, race, and traditions. A culture integrated of Malays, Chinese, and Indians. Culture clashes often happen, but rarely. When it comes to racism, it’s the sort of thing where it’s okay for a mother…

September 28, 2015