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Find Us At The Beach

It’s summer! It finally feels like Perth is waking from a long, deep sleep. It’s like Perth doesn’t function properly at all during winter. I guess to be fair, Perth felt like it went through one of the longest winters. We were still wearing…

November 10, 2017
lifestyle Perth

Longing for warmth

Back in March, Don got promoted to a new job. His old company allowed him to serve his notice at home (which was four weeks). I felt like it was luck on our side because I had just recently moved to Perth a few…

August 16, 2017
a quick one
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A Quick One!

If you’ve been following my Instagram, you would have known that I went for a quick short trip to Perth to see Don. I needed to be in Perth to run some errands with Don. Since Don’s birthday was on a weekend, we decided…

March 14, 2016
fashion lifestyle Perth

Quay Australia Dixi Sunglasses

It only took a simple question from my girlfriend. Hey babe, which one do you think looks better on me? *sends two photos of sunnies* This one. What sunnies are these? They’re gorgeous!! The gorgeous sunglasses are from Quay Australia. I didn’t get the…

May 30, 2015