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Catching Up!

I feel like this post is long overdue. I have been away from my blog for a while (almost a month!) I thought I would give you guys a summary of what’s been happening since my last post.…

October 20, 2016
How To Embrace Being Alone Without Being Lonely
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How To Embrace Being Alone Without Being Lonely

I never thought I would write a post like this, especially when I have an amazing set of friends, an amazing partner and wonderful family. Since being in a long distance relationship, other than teaching me the meaning of perseverance, patience and what *love*…

August 23, 2016
things that make me anxious
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20 Things That Make Me Anxious

01 Talking to strangers I think this is pretty common to everyone. I really hate talking to strangers. Especially when I am on the train, random people would come up to me and talk to me. There I am, FREAKING OUT IN MY HEAD –…

August 11, 2016
8 things you dont owe anyone
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8 Things You Don’t Owe Anyone

When Don and i got engaged and  started planning our wedding, I knew that many people will talk about our wedding and relationship. My extended family members were excited, as I am the youngest member on my paternal side to get married. To them,…

August 8, 2016
moments in may

Moments in May

I thought I give you guys an update on what I have been doing here in Perth. Here’s a little recap for those new to this blog – I am currently in Perth with my long-distance lover. We’re closing the distance soon after our…

May 31, 2016
moments in march
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Moments in March

March has been an amazing month. I just got back from Perth a few days ago and everything now feels like a blur. A lot happened in March (and I have a few blog posts lined up in detail) but today, I am going…

March 30, 2016
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Blushingkay Updates

For most of the month, my life aka my laptop died on me. Something happened to my screen again and went white screen on me. After sending it to the shop and analyzing the problem…LCD problem again. Back to the shop, it went. Sigh.. I…

February 23, 2016
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1. Been wanting to fix my brassiness for months now and I finally did it! Ombre of brown, ash and grey hair.   2. Legos. The kid in me bought legos and I have been playing with them ever since.   3. Started doing…

November 1, 2015
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My 10 Guilty Pleasures

I think in life you have to have little guilty pleasures to help you get through this horrible, cruel world. It doesn’t have to be a lot. It doesn’t have to be expensive spas, trips or holidays but just little everyday things that excite…

October 15, 2015