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Life After Marrying My Foreign Partner

This post is PART 2 for How To Marry Your Foreign Partner In Malaysia Like my previous posts, I have been getting questions about what is life after marrying my foreign partner, moving away from home and what’s living in Australia like. Our one…

November 27, 2017
Getting Married

#KAYXFEN: The Solemnization Ceremony

Read part 1 here Like I mentioned in the previous post, I didn’t have time to mentally prepare myself before walking in the hall. I was from scoffing down a curry puff chill to nervous beyond words. It was so surreal, it felt like…

February 13, 2017
Getting Married

#KAYXFEN: Getting ready for the ceremony

The days leading up to our solemnization, I was a stress ball. It was managing Don’s needs, making sure everything was going smooth, managing my mother’s stress and making sure that I am taking care of my needs. I tried my best to get…

February 9, 2017
Getting Married

How To Marry Your Foreign Partner In Malaysia

How To Marry Your Foreign Partner In Malaysia I have been getting many messages, emails, and DMs on how to marry your foreign partner in Malaysia. Since the journey is still fresh on my mind, I would like to share our experience. My husband…

February 6, 2017
bridesmaids inspiration dress
Getting Married

Bridemaids Dress Inspirations

One of the things I am looking forward on my wedding day is how pretty and #squadgoals my bridesmaids are going to look. I care about what I am wearing (of course), but I care more about what my girls are wearing. I have…

May 25, 2016
Getting Married

…I do

We got married! I am still pinching myself! I can’t believe that we’re married. We’ve been talking about this on and off for years and it finally happened. When Don and I got engaged, we dove head first on my visa process. We initially wanted…

April 8, 2016
how to start your visa process
Getting Married LDR

How To Start On Your Visa Process

Before you read on, please note that I am no migration agent or lawyer. I did not study law or have any license to help you with visa applications. What you’re going to read below is from my personal experience. It may or may…

March 21, 2016
Being a Long Distance Fiance
Getting Married LDR

Being a Long Distance Fiance

Every time I look at my ring, I can’t believe that I am engaged. Engaged to be married to my best friend. It’s so surreal! It took me a while to get used to calling Don, my fiance. It’s a crazy adjustment. I don’t…

March 3, 2016
Getting Married

The Ring

One of the things I love about our relationship is that we are embracing each other’s culture and we are exposed to more culture, traditions and customs. Malay customs, whenever a couple gets engaged, the girl will get the band first and on the wedding…

February 22, 2016