Turning Into A New Leaf

April 23, 2018

Never in a million years, it would cross my mind that I would start collection houseplant or even *like* plants in general. Something in me snapped one day and I decided to buy a plant – a pilea peperomioides. When it started growing (and it didn’t die) I was hooked! I bought more and over a short period of time, my collection grew massively. I have plants in EVERY room in the house – hanging pothos, succulents, mother in law tounges, monsteras and fittonias to name some.

Turning Into A New Leaf

Since taking a keen interest in houseplants I found myself –

More aware of my surroundings and I pay more attention to details. For example, whenever I am driving around my suburb I am always looking out into other people’s garden/parks/sidewalks. You would be surprised how much effort people put into making their garden beautiful and how councils take care of our parks. I recently went back to KL for a short holiday to see family & friends. Readers from KL, have you noticed how GREEN is KL? I certainly didn’t and definitely took it for granted! Because of this, I am making a bigger effort to do my part in saving the environment and being sustainable – stainless steel straws, glass tupperware, bring my own bags when I do groceries and etc.

Another thing that has changed me since caring for plants is how conscious I am about keeping my house neat and tidy. Plants need air and sunlight to survive. I am constantly looking for the best spot for sunlight for my plants. While doing that, I would notice a dusty shelf, a sticky spot or a smudgy mirror. Areas I would have overlooked. Now, it has become a norm for me to clean up whatever is around them to make sure that my plants are presented at it’s best.

I am liking this new plant loving person I am today!

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