Highlights of My January

January 24, 2018
Mettam's Pool Trigg Beach

2018, you need to slow down! Can’t believe January is almost over! Here are some highlights of my January.


Technically, this picture was taken in December at my sister-in-law’s wedding. We rarely get dressed up and this is a fairly decent photo! I am planning to get this photo framed up.

Tomahawk beef ribs

Celebrated my Brother & Sister-in-law’s birthday (they’re twins) with THREE massive tomahawk beef ribs. The meat was the size of my face and the ribs were the length of my arm! It was so delish.


Empire Homeware Claremont brought in a whole bunch of gorgeous cacti. I am so tempted to buy all but I think Don would divorce me. Someone asked me why I am into cacti – They’re low maintenance, so resilient, thrives on neglect and in its own way very beautiful.

Snow Queen

My Snow Queen


My hanging plants – I can’t wait for my Marble Queen to trail downwards even further.


Don took me to watch the Perth Wild Cats and I managed to get a picture with JP. Check out the size of my smile. I was a little starstruck!


Caught this beautiful sunset at Scarborough Beach


My new favourite colour is blue. Mettam’s pool in Trigg Beach


The love of my life. Sonny the cat.


Nice pic of me enjoying the sunset taken by Don. Don is an amazing #instagramhusband. 80% of photos taken on my Instagram is all by him.

Hope you enjoyed the highlights of my January


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  • OMG YES 2018 moves SO FAST I also can’t believe it will be February in a week HAHAHA. But I guess it’s time to start embracing all moments and make them memorable. Happy new year to you :*


    • i know right!! Happy New Year to you too xxx