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Things Achieved in 2017 and 2018 New Year Resolution

January 8, 2018


I can’t believe it’s the new year. 2017 felt like it went by in a flash. Don and I celebrated NYE at home. We had a lovely dinner together, sat in our backyard to watch the fireworks at midnight and went straight to bed after. On New Year’s Day, we spent the morning at the beach, grabbed a coffee and had a relaxing day. After that, everything went downhill… on the 2nd of January, Don was experiencing abdominal pains which lead to a trip to the Emergency Department. Turns out that it was acute appendicitis and he needed to take it out. It was 2 days at the hospital. Thankfully, the surgery went well and Don is recovering well. It was still a shock for the both of us as we didn’t see this coming!

Just as I thought things would get better for us in 2018, I lost one of my biggest clients (I do freelance social media management for a few local brands in Perth). A marketing agency lowballed my rates to my client. They offered more than I could possibly give at a price that was too good to refuse. It was an offer my client couldn’t resist. I became a victim of Perth’s competitive market. These were some of the few bad news we received in week 1 of 2018! But it’s okay, the year is just starting… I have 51 weeks of good, positive things coming!

As my first post of 2018, I want to share some of the things I achieved in 2017 and my 2018 resolution:

Migrating To Another Country


Until today, a year later I am still coming to terms that I migrated to another country. I moved for better opportunities and starting a life with my family (Don & our cat, Sonny). For the longest time, the thought of migrating to another country never crossed my mind. I loved being in Malaysia. Surrounded by my family, friends and everything I knew. I am so proud of myself for assimilating into Don’s culture without any complaints. In fact, I think I know more about Perth than he does.

Read more books

DSC01614 copy

I lost count how many books I read this year, but I think it was close to 10 books. Which is ALOT considering how little books I read in the previous years. In 2017, I made a conscious effort to stay off my phone before bed (or whenever I have some free time) and do reading. Doing this has helped me focus and it’s so nice to get lost in stories!

Green Thumb



This is my biggest achievement so far! I used to hate gardening. Hated dirt, hated the idea of being outdoors in the sun doing “gardening”, hated that it takes forever to grow something. It started me with trying to grow lemongrass. After seeing how fast they grew, I decided to try out “unkillable” plants – succulents. Then from succulents, it grew to indoor plants (Devil’s ivy, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Monstera, Swiss cheese, Pilea Peperomioides and etc) and now I want a jungle in my house!








I know my achievements are not that amazing to some but to me they are. I had a rough 2017. Migrating to another country is not easy especially being away from family & friends. I had more lows than I did highs. With that, I am very proud of myself for being resilience and dealing with my lows. I consider myself lucky for having an amazing support system – my family and friends.

This year, instead of doing a New Year Resolution I want to do a “More Of” and “Less Of”. I am happy and grateful in this point of my life and don’t feel the need to do any major changes. I do have big goals I have to achieve, however with implementing “More Of” and “Less Of” mini goals it will help me get to my big goals!

 More Of:

  1. Focus on the positive
  2. Read even more books
  3. Be minimal
  4. Being healthy

Less Of:

  1. Self-Doubt
  2. Buying food/drinks I can make at home (Coffee & juices – my weakness)
  3. Waste

What is your New Year Resolution?


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