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November 10, 2017

It’s summer!

It finally feels like Perth is waking from a long, deep sleep. It’s like Perth doesn’t function properly at all during winter. I guess to be fair, Perth felt like it went through one of the longest winters. We were still wearing jumpers in October! So glad, long cold winter days are over.

This tropical girl loves her sun!

One of the best things about summer is the beach. I am so grateful that we live 5 minutes away from one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Cottesloe Beach. I used to dislike (I don’t want to say hate cause it such a strong word, so *dislike*) going to the beach because I tan SO fast! I go chocolate to dark chocolate in 10 MINUTES. The thing about my tan is… it’s not the pretty tan. It’s uneven with weird tan lines.

Now, I don’t care anymore. I wear my dark chocolate tan with pride. Living in a country where locals make it their new year resolution to work on their tan, I feel pretty chuffed that I tan easily. Twice I was in Lululemon deciding on a colour for a top I wanted to get. The ladies in the store couldn’t stop admiring my “tan” and asked me to go for colours that would compliment my skin tone.

We have been going to the beach every weekend, both Saturday & Sunday. We are trying to fit in a swim during the weekdays before work. It’s a little hard organizing our time in the morning, but we will fit in a morning swim before work!

Short IG story video of Don stand up paddle boarding!


See you at the beach! x



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