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I Lost My Wedding Ring

November 8, 2017

One of my biggest fears happened. I lost my one of my wedding rings.

ring 2

The best part of it, it had to happen on the worst weekend. Don and I were going away for a long wedding weekend in Margaret River. The wedding was on a Saturday. We wanted to make the most out of our trip, we decided to leave Thursday night and stay at Don’s parents’ beach house which is halfway to Margaret River. Then continue our trip further south on Friday morning. Of course, no long trip starts without drama.

The Thursday we were leaving, I played my weekly futsal at Curtin Stadium. I usually DON’T wear my wedding rings but that day I was out running errands and headed straight to futsal. I have two wedding bands – one to represent Australia and the other Malaysia. I took them off before playing, put it in my wallet pouch. Somewhere in between futsal and going home. I lost my wedding ring.

I didn’t realize I lost it until we were just about to leave the house to drive south. Literally, 2 minutes before heading out the door. In a panic frenzy state, Don and I searched my wallet, car and the house before deciding to retrace my steps all the way to Curtin and Waterford Plaza (I bought dinner after futsal) in case I dropped it somewhere. It was GONE!

I was surprisingly calm and “okay” with the situation. I tried to convince myself of the fact that I have three wedding rings. Who gets THREE wedding rings before their 1st year anniversary?? Women update their rings after being married for 10++ years. I was super lucky that it wasn’t my heirloom engagement ring that fell out and the ring I lost was replaceable! It’s just a ring. A material thing. You are still married. You still have TWO other rings. There are people without water in the world. There are people without food in the world and you’re crying over a missing wedding ring? <- Things I was telling myself.

Don’s way of comforting me. He asked me if our house was caught on fire and I can only save FIVE ITEMS. What would it be?

My answer:

  1. Sonny, our cat
  2. Laptop/Phone (MY PHOTOS!!)
  3. Husband, of course (or make sure he’s out safe)
  4. Passport

I couldn’t come up with five. Even then as we were discussing I said I probably won’t reach out for my laptop or phone because everything is now is stored on Cloud. So it would probably be

  1. Cat
  2.  Don
  3. Passport (I was thinking about the immigration nightmare if I ever lose my passport)

That’s when Don put things in perspective for me. I didn’t once mention MAKEUPS (boy knows I love my makeup), HANDBAGS or JEWELLERY. My first thought was wow, maybe I am not materialistic as I thought and yes, there are other important things in life than to cry over a missing wedding ring. I went to bed feeling a little better (I slept with my rings on because I was still fearful of losing another ring).

The next day as we were driving down to Margaret River, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to call Curtin Stadium’s front reception to see if anyone reported the ring in.


Ring 1

I was shocked beyond words and was so grateful to that person!! Learnt my lesson – Don’t wear your wedding rings when you play sports.




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