How I Deal With Homesickness

September 18, 2017

Dealing With Homesickness

I am not afraid to admit this, one of the reasons why I was MIA from Blushingkay was because I was homesick. I was Super Duper Intense Homesick. I miss my family. I miss my room. I miss my bed. I missed my car. I miss my cat. I miss my friends. I miss the FOOD. I miss everything about my life back in KL.

My dear, poor husband tried his best to make me less homesick. He took me out to Malaysian restaurants. Letting me cook Malaysian food all the time (after a while he got sick of it and begged me to cook some western food). We even went for DURIAN ice cream. Nothing. I was still homesick and wanted nothing more than to go back to KL. At the same time, I was going through a few things that didn’t help with my homesickness (e.g: applying for 1001 jobs and getting rejected, organizing visa paperwork, depressing winter.) overall, I was sucking at life.

I went through weeks of feeling so disheartened and uninspired. It started to show – I stopped doing things I loved – pilates, blogging, walks and even laundry! Our laundry was backlogged for at least two weeks. Weirdly (or maybe not?), I find doing laundry very therapeutic. It’s my favourite household chore. But, during this time, I did not enjoy it at all and refused to do anything I enjoyed. By this time, I could tell Don was feeling utterly hopeless because he couldn’t help me, be me. He tried his best, and I was refusing to come out of my little homesick shell.

One day after running errands, we decided to stop by the beach (it was a beautiful, sunny day) to breathe in the salty air. It was then; I realized that I have been selfish. I am entitled to feel how I feel, but I shouldn’t let it affect my family (Don + Sonny, our cat). I decided to migrate to Australia. I understood the consequences when I made the decision. Me crying about how I miss Nasi Lemak, Milo Ais, Banana Leaf and Roti Canai is me, not keeping my part of the deal. I can always go back to KL. I just have to be patience (tl:dr – I have to wait for my visa to be approved to leave the country).

Moving abroad has its challenges, and I can’t let it stop me from living my life to the fullest. Nothing screams FOMO like watching your nieces and nephews grow through videos and photos, friends meeting up and you see photos on Instagram or watching a new launch of your favorite brand in your home country, and it’s not available in your new home country. For example, the Fenty Beauty launch, and there’s NO Sephora in Perth. It’s part of the deal for moving abroad. But now, I am looking at it as an exciting adventure in my life where I am creating new memories.  While on this adventure, I am accepting the fact it’s okay to miss things that you’ve been around for most of your life.

Dealing with homesickness

How do you deal with homesickness?


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