True Crime Podcasts I Have Been Listening to

September 16, 2017
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True Crime Podcasts

Listening to True Crime podcasts have been part of my daily routine. Before it was binge watching tv series and documentaries on Netflix. Now, I don’t go a day without listening to a podcast episode. It’s such a nice escape from things around me. I need to concentrate on the episodes which mean I don’t look at my phone. I do mundane things like folding my laundry, going for a walk or when I am cooking. I am a true lover of True Crimes and here are more of True Crimes podcasts I have been listening to.

Casefile True Crime

This podcast is my favorite of favorite crime podcast. I wait patiently for every Saturday for a new episode. Casefile True Crime involves a narrator (an anonymous host) storytelling true crime story each week. Why I love it so much is because the stories are more Australian based rather than from the US. It made the cases more relatable to me since I live in Australia. If this is your first time listening to Casefile, his first few episodes are a little monotonous but he gets so much better over time. It’s worth giving time your time to.

My favorites are Case 30: The Claremont Serial Killer, Case 49: The Moors Murders and Case 53: The East Area Rapist


Growing up, I loved reading about urban legends (even did an assignment on it!), myths and folklore. I couldn’t believe the amount of folklore there was out there. What amazes me every time after I listen to an episode is WHERE IN THE WORLD DO THEY FIND THESE STORIES. Lore is written & produced by Aaron Manke. His voice is so calm and soothing that every time I listen to Lore, I make sure that I am not doing anything else because I want to listen to EVERY word he says. Lore will give you an amazing listening experience to learn about folklore, myths, and urban legends.

Locked Up Abroad

This podcast is fairly new to me. It was advertised in one of the podcasts I was listening to (can’t remember which one) and thought, why not give it a try. So glad that I did! The podcast is pretty straightforward, it’s about people’s experience getting locked up abroad. The different thing about this podcast is the narrator is the “victim” itself. It has the typical drug-related stories. But there are some very interested ones like Episode 5: Highway to Hell and Episode 9: Prisoner of Love.

True Crime Japan

I have a love/hate relationship with this podcast. I love it for its stories. They share so many interesting crime-related stories based in Japan that I don’t think you heard in mainstream media. I hate it because the hosts are so inconsistent! I understand they have day jobs and the podcast is a part-time thing. They can go for months without a new episode and then come back with an episode every 2 weeks.

Serial Killers

One of the reasons why I like watching/listening to True Crime is trying to understand why they kill. This podcast explains about the serial killers and the psychology behind them. It’s really interesting! However, I do find podcast a little scripted (maybe a lot scripted) especially when they do a reenactment. There some parts I find very gruesome and left me a little unsettled. Overall, it’s one of my favorite podcasts because of the storytelling.

What are your favorite True Crime podcasts? Share them in comments below


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  • I haven’t heard of any of these – I need to check them out ASAP!

    • yes you should! Let me know what you think