Things I Want To Do This Spring 2017

September 12, 2017
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Spring is finally here!

It’s been a while and I have no excuse. The past couple months have been really uninspiring and quite depressing, to say the least. It was my first proper winter here in Perth (one that I didn’t run back to KL to escape) and I didn’t enjoy it. It was cold, wet and gloomy. MEH! I thought winter was long gone when we had a few straight days of sun, then winter came back again, teasing us with the sun. Well, now that Spring is on the way and hopefully, we get more sunny days, I have a few things I want to do this spring.

Spring Cleaning

I started reading Marie Kondo – The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying and it had inspired me to start tidying our house. KonMari says to start cleaning by categories instead of cleaning by rooms. That’s what I did. I started off by sorting out clothes, shoes, books and other things. After going through our things, gosh, I felt so much better! Our house looks so much neater! There’s still a lot more for to clear up, but this little bit has already dramatically changed our lives. I hope I can keep this tidying up. Even Don picked up on my decluttering mood and started cleaning himself! Double win for me.

Outdoor activities

I miss doing things outside. I like going for long walks, having my meals in my backyard and chilling in the sun with my cat. We have a beautiful lake behind our house. It’s home to ducks, birds, insects and other random reptiles (e.g., snakes). I can’t wait to go for my walks around it and watch little ducklings swim around. Another thing about doing things outdoors is people watching. I love watching people walk their dogs and saying hi to the dogs.

Blog More

Maybe I should rephrase this point as blog consistently. I have a few posts lined up, it’s just matter of writing out my points and editing them (basically, writing a whole post itself). I’m hoping the good weather brings inspiration, drive, and motivation for me to blog consistently. To be honest, I have been thinking of doing an overhaul of my blog’s direction. It was a beauty/lifestyle blog, then it turned into a long distance journey, and now it’s a little all over the place. Maybe starting from this post onwards, Blushingkay will have a better direction.

Eat More Vegetarian Meals

Don, my beloved husband has been into Texas BBQ/smoking meat. He would wake up 5-6am during his weekends-are-for-me-to-sleep-in days to start smoking either a brisket/ribs. We eat SO MUCH meat. It has come to a point where, if I see meat on the table, I will walk away. After a month of big meat meals, I decided that we are having 3-4 vegetarian meals a week. We started a week ago, and it has been good! I have been experimenting with salads, curries, wraps, and muffins. To stop snacking on chips (both crisps & fries, my weakness), I started making savory muffins (Spinach + fetta + sundried tomatoes), and it’s been helping me curb my cravings. If you have any healthy vegetarian recipes, please share them with me.

Run Outdoors

I get runner’s itch. It’s the most unpleasant feeling in the world, IMO. If you are not sure what runner’s itch is, it’s an itch that occurs when you run. From a google search I did years ago (PLEASE DON’T QUOTE ME ON THIS) it’s like a reaction where tiny capillaries expand/burst when you run and causes a hive/allergic reaction. My runner’s itch is so bad that I have to take an antihistamine and a hot shower after my run. It’s worst during the cold season. Recently, Don and I started gym again. After years of not running, I started running again on the treadmill and now, I want to start running outdoors. Let’s hope runner’s itch is a thing of a past for me.

Getting In Shape

I guess this goes without saying, Summer is coming which means… it’s bikini/beach season!! Not only that, I can’t wait to wear dresses, my slip on sandals and wear more colors.


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