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Longing for warmth

August 16, 2017

Back in March, Don got promoted to a new job. His old company allowed him to serve his notice at home (which was four weeks). I felt like it was luck on our side because I had just recently moved to Perth a few weeks before and we had stolen time to spend with each other. Especially coming out from a long distance relationship – it was a time we desperately needed to catch up. We took this opportunity to work on our little home, try out different cafes, meeting up with friends and taking road trips.

One of the first things we did was plan a road trip south of Western Australia to Binningup and Dunsborough. We have been to both Binningup and Dunsborough many times together. Usually, we would come down with family for special occasions like Easter or weddings. This time around it was extra special – it was just the both of us. After lunch at a brewery – I needed a walk badly. It was a beautiful afternoon; we decided to put on our swimming gears on in case the water was warm enough for a dip.

As we walked along the path to the beach. We were greeted with this fantastic view.


I was blown away by how clear, blue and warm the water was. At one section of the beach, we could see fishes and stingrays swimming around. The water was shallow and warm – it was perfect for us to sit down.


and of course, I took the opportunity to take Instragramable photos. This photo taken by my Instagram husband is one of my favorite photos of 2017. Such a fav that it’s my current Facebook display photo!

IMG_7967 IMG_7963

The weather in Perth has been pretty roller coaster IMO. First, it’s stormy then the sun is out then it starts to drizzle then it’s freezing then it goes back to being stormy! For days, the weather forecast told us to get ready for the biggest rain storm in 2017 and it was the most anti-climax storm of the year…

We are nearly done with Winter 2017! I can’t wait for summer to come!

Which season do you prefer? Winter or summer?

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