Things That Are Making My Life Good

June 15, 2017
5 things making me feel good

It’s been almost 6 months since I moved to Perth from KL. The first 2 months was amazing. Both Don and I were getting used to living with each other and we were (still are) in our newly wedded bliss. After I submitted my Partner Visa, I was ready to get my bridging visa and start looking for a job. Trying to get a job in a new country where the market, environment and people are so different from what you used to do is hard. I managed to get part time jobs. But Don and I have plans to do more – We want to buy a house, have a family and go on holidays. It sucks, but it’s the reality. We need money for it. In a way to distract me from rejection letters and feeling utterly useless… I found 6 things that are making my life good.

01 Waking up & sleeping early

It’s crazy. I am a whole new person! I wake up between 6-630am every morning and go to bed early. I used to go bed late (after 12 pm) and wake up groggy. My body used to ache and feel lethargic. Ever since waking up early, my body feels so much better. I am active, aware and have so more energy. Don and I would have coffee together in the morning before we start out the day.

02 Pilates

I started doing 2 and a half months ago. According to Joseph Pilates – in 10 sessions, you will feel the difference. 20 sessions you see the difference and 30 sessions you will have a whole new body. To date, I have done 24 classes. I feel a lot leaner and more toned. I feel like I am in my best shape ever. Even though I am 6 classes away to “a whole new body”. I already feel like I have a new body. Going to Pilates has been the best distraction for me.

03 Essential Oils

Buying the Premium Start Kit with the Dewdrop Diffuser changed my life. At first, I wasn’t sure if the oils worked. I needed the oils to work because they were expensive. Then slowly it did. Don and I were suffering from hay fever – I diffused lavender, lemon and peppermint oils and it helped with our sneezing. Whenever we both have aches or need a good rub – I would mix sweet almond oil & PanAway oil. There are so many health benefits using essential oils (EO) that I can go on and on (which I will save for a blog post). Ever since we started using the EO – we rarely get sick.

04 Long walks with Don

The only time I get with Don is 30 minutes in the morning and a few of hours when he gets home from work. Our weekends are split between family, meeting up with friends and doing things around the house. When we go for our walks – it’s our time together. We get to discuss our plans, enjoy the nice weather and bond together as a couple. I find this the most comforting thing we do together.

05 Eyelash extensions

I think every girl needs something beauty related to make them feel good. For me, it’s getting my eyelash extensions done every 3 weeks. I know it may not be for everyone but for me, there’s something about having fluttery eyelashes that make me feel good. I have been trying out a few style and length to see what suits my face the most – it’s C curl with 11-13mm length.

What has been making your life good lately?


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