6 Things I Learned When I Started Working Out Consistently

May 18, 2017

I have always been a sporty and fitness girl, but it was never consistent. I would play futsal & netball once a week and that’s the extent of my fitness. I tried to get into yoga, Kayla Itsines & boot camp but I could not keep up with it. Ever since moving to Perth, I have been going to (reformer) Pilates x 4 a week including my weekly futsal and netball games. It’s been a game changer! I finally found a workout I really like and it’s Pilates!

01 It does wonders to your energy

I book in my class in the morning at 6.45 am. I would wake up around 6 am – (it takes me a while to get up, you know, rolling around in bed, cuddles with the husband and cat and getting dressed) and I would be up and about until it’s bed time. Before pilates, I used to get tired by mid day. I would need a nap or my second cup of coffee. Now, I just have one coffee in the morning and power through the day.

02 No one cares about you

I used to be very conscious about my body. I was always bigger than my girlfriends. I was that girl who was not thin but not chubby. Then I realised no one cares when they are working out because they’re focused on themselves. During a class, I don’t have the mental strength or energy to look around at other people to see if they are doing it right. The only time I look around class is when I have no idea what I am doing. One mind-opening thing I realised is not all FIT girls are strong and not all BIG girls are weak. NEVER JUDGE ANYONE.

03 Athleisure

This is my favourite reason to go for a workout. It’s my biggest motivation!! Dressing up in activewear and staying in activewear the whole day. I love love love planning my outfit the night before. When I feel chic and cute in my outfit (I know!!) I feel like I have to push myself more because I spend so much on my outfit. I have to make the workouts worth it! Knowing I am going to be wearing my Lululemon top, Nike sports bra and my funky tights, it’s make waking up and going to class easier. I also love checking out the girls and see what they wear.

04 You need support

Don is my biggest inspiration. He is the reason why I am consistently going to class. It is not easy to wake up before the sunrise. Especially when it’s cold and wet (we are approaching winter here in Australia), staying in a warm bed is soo much nicer. He will push me to wake up and constantly remind me how much I am paying for my classes – which means I have to go for class! It took me a while to see results, but Don saw my body change instantly. He was always complimenting me and constantly told me to keep it up. His support really helped me!

05 It will hurt ALOT

I have delay onset muscles soreness (DOM). Everything will be okay and dandy a day after my workout, then when Day 2-3 comes… OMG! Some days I can’t lift my arms or walk properly. Since figuring out that I have DOM (it took me a while to figure it out!) I don’t push myself as much the second day after a big workout. I would stretch daily and use my foam roller. We don’t have a tub at home once a week, I would take my essential oils and bath bombs to my in-laws and soak myself. Having my weekly bath really helped with my recovery.

 06 Wanting to live better

This came naturally – I wanted to complement all the hard work I’ve been putting in and nourish myself properly. My diet has improved A L O T. We eat more greens, more wholesome food and have tremendously cut out processed food in our meals. Whenever we eat out (rarely) I find myself choosing to have a salad or a swapping the fries for greens. Because I am eating cleaner and more wholesome, I don’t eat as much as I used too. We do have the occasional #cheatdays I can’t say no to ice cream. They are my weakness. Not only with food, I try to hit my daily steps. If we have an option to drive or walk for an errand, I would take the walk.

Do you work out? What have you learned from it?


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