4 Things That I Really Love To Have But Don’t Need

May 9, 2017
4 Things That I Really Love To Have But Don't Need

When I was packing up my childhood room to move to Perth – I planned out that I needed to get rid (or donate) of 50% of my things. The remaining 50% I had to get rid another 50%. From what’s left – I allowed myself to only bring 10% of my things to Perth. Basically, the things I brought over to Perth was my main essentials. One of my reasons was… I wanted to start fresh. I wanted to rid of clutter and buy things that only add value to my life. Starting fresh and decluttering still can’t stop me from wanting things that are beautiful, pretty and just CUTE. Here are 5 things that I really love to have but don’t need.

01 Stationeries

Notebooks and pens are my weaknesses when it comes to stationeries. You have no idea the willpower I have when walking in a novelty or a gift store selling gorgeous stationeries. The thing is… I used them to buy them and not use them because they’re too “pretty”. I didn’t have the heart to use them. Instead, I would use some free hotel notepad. Don’t get me started about pens – I had to hold myself back to not buy all Muji’s gel inked pens.


02 Luxe Candles

I love anything that smells nice. It doesn’t help that Instagram is full of flatlays with Diptyque candles. All my favourite gift stores I frequent have rows and rows of beautiful scented candles. I really want to get them but, I can’t justify paying up to AUD50-100 for a candle. I guess there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself with a luxe candle that smells amazing. Right now, I can’t. I’ll stick to my IKEA candles and essential oils diffuser.


03 Handphone covers

Like beautiful stationeries and scented candles, I like pretty, kitschy handphone covers. When I was using my Iphone6 – I couldn’t stop buying covers for it. My reason was, I am always on my phone and I want it to look pretty. At the same, I was really paranoid about cracking my screen or creating (new) dents I would buy top of the range covers (money flying emoticon here). Thank god, I switched over to the Samsung S8+ and for some reason, there aren’t any nice covers for it.

phone covers

04 More activewear

I have been actively doing Reformer Pilates, Netball and long walks for 3 months straight. I am looking my best since a looooong time. Since working out daily (and always in my activewear) I rediscovered my love for Lululemon, Nike and Adidas. I suddenly have this need to own all colours and design in my activewear closet. It didn’t help when I came across Khloe Kardashian’s activewear closet. How beautiful is her closet? Everything neatly arranged by colour!! I have to remind myself that – I am not Khloe Kardashian and I don’t need a full activewear closet. 2 pairs of tights is enough!


What are things you love to have but don’t need?



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