5 Good Habits I’ve Picked Up Since Moving To Perth

April 19, 2017

If we are not counting, I’ve been coming on and off to Perth for the past 4 years ish. It’s safe to say, I lived in two different worlds! My first world was in KL – busy, bustling city. Shops until late. Restaurants are 24/7. Friends and family live close by, so there’s always someone to hang out with. Food is so amazing that I would travel 1-2 hours for it. Then, my new world, Perth – beautiful, fresh clean weather. Parks and beaches 5 minutes away. GOOD coffee. My husband. I am not afraid to admit, my quality of life in KL was not good. I was always staying up late (too many distractions), eating good food but not necessarily good or nutritional for me and there was always drama of some sort. If not friends, it’s friends at my sport’s club, or family, or other people’s drama that somehow is important to me. Since moving to Perth, my quality of life IMPROVED big time! I made conscious effort to change my bad habits. It was a distraction for to not feel homesick. Results are starting to show! Below are 5 good habits I picked up since moving to Perth

01 Sleeping early & waking up early

I talked about sleeping so many time on this blog (I even have one dedicated post for it). Even after writing this post, I still struggled with sleeping. I hated waking up late and missing half the day. Always feeling so groggy and having short days. It would even worse if I workout during the day. What I did to “train” myself to sleep early was… booking the earliest workout class of the day (my studio has a no-show fee. If I don’t show up, I have to pay a fine). It was hard at first, then slowly I started sleeping earlier because I want to get a good night’s sleep for my workout. Now, I am in bed by 930pm to sleep by 1030pm if not earlier. I love it! My friends call me grandma but I am so much better during the day that I don’t mind.

02 Fitness

I have always been an active person – doing some sort of work out, but never consistent enough to see results. At first, I enjoyed going for futsal, seeing friends, being competitive then… it started to plateau. Here in Perth, everyone works out! They run, gym, walking their dogs or swim. I started doing pilates x 3-4 times a week and I can see results already! On top of that, I started swimming, going on long walks with Don and moving around a lot more. It’s no longer a thing I do to “lose weight”, it has become a lifestyle. It’s something I do EVERY DAY because it’s part of my routine. Losing weight is a consolation prize! I especially love my long walks with Don. We only see each other at the end of the day. When we go for walks, we get to update each other on our day and bond together as a couple.

03 Eating better

I think one of the reasons why I am seeing results from my workouts is I am eating a lot better here. KL has amazing, good food (i know, i keep raving about KL’s food. I miss the food!!) but, it’s not good for you. Don and I started changing our eating habits. We used to eat out A LOT and it started to hurt our wallets AND tummies. Now, we avoid eating out at all cost and cook dinners at home for each other. I like the fact that I know what goes in my food and I try to not add too much salt, sugar or any extra seasoning if it’s not needed. We had this BAD & NAUGHTY habit of sharing a muffin and ice cream for dessert (almost) every night. We stopped doing that and started eating fruits like watermelon, rock melon, strawberries and dates for our desserts instead. We feel (and look) soooo much better now!

04 Sheet masks

This is not a habit I picked up in Perth, it’s more of a habit I dragged along to Perth. It’s wearing a sheet mask 3x a week! Two months before my wedding in January 2017, I wore a sheet mask 5x a week. Doing a sheet mask REALLY helped my complexion. I didn’t do any fancy nancy wedding facial. Just sheet masks for two months to prep my skin. My skin cleared up, my pores tighten, it brighten and I was glowing. I stopped doing it right after my wedding and a month later, I noticed my skin was dry, my fine lines were noticeable and overall, bad. I started doing it again and my complexion is slowly healing back to my bridal glow. Some of my favourite sheet masks are from Mediheal, Sephora and Boscia.

05 Moisturising

I moisturise my body religiously now. Day & Night! It’s so easy to forget the most important part of your body, your SKIN. I put my skin through a lot of trauma = hot showers, UV rays, pollution and etc. I want to take care of it! Every morning, I would use my Nivea Coco Glow and every night before bed I slather Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturising Lotion. I bought a seizable bottle of them a month and I am MORE than half way through them. That’s how much I moisturise myself. It has become such a habit that whenever I don’t moisturise, I feel weird. My skin feels dry and taunt.

What new habits have you picked up?



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  • I’m very sure if I’ll be living with my bf for good in the future, I’ll be able to sleep early because I don’t have to stay up late anymore to chat with him (because he’s 6k+ miles away). 😁 when we were together (during visits), we both had a good night sleep and we wake up early too

    • yeah!! i think that’s one of the reasons why I sleep early as well!