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Vlog #1 – Back into vlogging again (ish)

April 10, 2017
Vlog #1 - Back into vlogging again (ish)

I’ve been talking about vlogging (consistently) for a very long time to Don (mentioned here & here). But my only problem was… I didn’t have a proper camera. Which is he main thing you need for vlogging and we did it! We bought a brand new camera for vlogging, blogging and my ootds >.< I was pretty excited to test out our camera and we did our first “comeback” vlog. For those who have been following me since the beginning of our relationship both on this blog and my instagram. Our vlogs is a glimpse into our lives and how we are settling in together after our long distance relationship. This is like the next step after our long distance relationship. I hope you enjoy our vlogs and please don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you!


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