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Tips For Moving Away For Love: When You Arrive

March 31, 2017
Tips For Moving Away For Love- During Your Move

This is my 3rd post (Read Part 1 & Part 2) on tips for moving away for love. So you’re finally here! You’ve arrived! It’s been a surreal journey and you can’t believe you are finally with your long distance love or should i say… close distance love? (bad joke) Bad joke or not, you’re here! It’s overwhelming. There’s so many things you need to do to get yourself set up! It took me close to 2 months to get myself settled in and that’s with me previously living in Perth. I already had a bank card, was familiar with things and etc. Here are 5 tips on what to do when you arrive.

01 Get your basics

When I was a student here, I chose a bank that had a branch on campus. This is to make my life easier – to deposit, take cash out or anything bank related. I can easily pop in the bank whenever I was on campus. Now that I am applying to be a resident, I decided to change my bank to something closer to our home and accessible to the both of us. It turned out to be a good thing as well as the bank we are currently with had better rates. Since I moved country, I had to get a new number for my phone. I did it the first day I arrived and shared my new number to my friends and family. To me, the faster friends and family have your new number, the more ease they feel. It’s easier for them to contact you. Depending on where you move to (and if you can afford it) – I would suggest getting your own car. Having my own car made things easier for me. I was able to run my errands without having to wait for Don. Which meant doing my errands on the weekends when he was free. I could pick up my mail at the post office, I could get all my documents done, go see friends and etc.

02 Do your paperwork

VISA to stay in the country! It took me one year to complete my visa application. I did pause on it for 3-4 months (prepping for our wedding), if I were to minus that, it would be around 7-8 months. When I arrived in Perth all the hard work was done. I just needed to polish my application up. It was getting statutory declarations from friends and family, adding my name to our bills, proving that I’ve moved to Perth for good. I highly recommend getting the bulk of your visa application ready before you move. When you are here, it makes life less overwhelming for you. Another thing to prep is your CV for jobs! After I submitted my application, I worked on my CV. I wanted to be ready to go the minute I get my bridging visa (with full working rights) to apply for jobs.

03 Celebrate!

Go out with your husband/boyfriend and celebrate! You guys are finally together! Don and I celebrated for a month! We were so happy to be together. We went on date nights, date days, coffee dates and did some travelling. We had friends over for dinner. Enjoyed dinners with family. Even until now we are still pinching ourselves that we have closed the distance. Now… it’s back to reality!

04 Get settled in

While doing all of the above, find ways to get yourself settled in. I let myself soak in the adrenaline of moving away from home for a week before making plans to see my old friends. Every weekend, I made sure I was catching up with a girl friend or doing something to get myself in the community. I joined a swimming club, joined a pilates class and started walking around a park. I created a routine for myself. Creating my routine really helped me settle in quickly. I had something to look forward to and it kept me from losing my mind from boredom.

05 Enjoy your new home

Moving away is stressful and hard, but this new place you are living now is your new home. Enjoy it!


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