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Tips For Moving Away For Love: During Your Move

March 11, 2017
Tips For Moving Away For Love- During Your Move

In my last post, I talked about the planning of your big move to your long-distance love. Steps you need you to do BEFORE you go. This second post is to help you with the “during” process of your move. Every thing I am about to write is purely based on my personal experience. I found this step really hard. The excitement of finally being with Don died dow. Things got serious, really quick. I did a check list of things I needed to do and realised that I had 1001 things to do. I had to pack up my room, get my things ready, spend time with my family & etc. It was an overwhelming week for me. Below are 6 things I did to make my move easier

01 Cull your things

I was leaving my home to another country which I will call my future home. I had a lot of things I needed to sort through. I lived with my parents, which means… I was still staying in my childhood room. I had memorabilia from when I was 6 years old! It took me a good, long 6 months to sieve through my belongings and keep what I really wanted/needed. I did it in stages. The first 2 months, I told myself that I had to get rid 50% of the things I owned. After that, from that 50% I had to get rid of half = 25%. From that 25% – I could only take 10% of the things I own to Perth.

02 Ship your things/Slowly bring them over (during your research trips)

Each time I visited Don in Perth, I made sure that I used up every luggage allowance I had with things I wanted to bring over to Perth. They were mainly clothes – I brought over my winter gears, bags, shoes and important things. I did this solely so I don’t have to ship my things over. I couldn’t afford it and it didn’t make sense in my case because I was always visiting Don. If you don’t have the time like me to visit your long distance partner always, then find the cheapest and most affordable shipping company to get your things over. I’ve moved here for good, but I still have more things in KL to bring over to Perth. Baby steps!

03 Get important documents ready

I can’t stress this enough! Get all your important documents ready BEFORE you get on that plane. Your birth certificate, passports, ID, Driver’s License, marriage certificate, single statutory declaration and etc. Make multiple copies of them and get them certified. Nothing is more troubling than getting to your destination and needing that birth certificate that you left at home. Doing this early on will save you time, money and stress.

04 Get all your basic needs ready

I have a few favourite basic needs that I can’t live without – my toothpaste (i know, super random, but I only like this one particular brand from Malaysia), cleansing exfoliator, underwear brand to name some of the few. Every trip to Perth, I bought one pack of each and stock up. To some these things may seem so petty and you can easily get them. To me, it is so important that I have them.  It gives me a sense of my former home. It’s my way of easing into my new life. I even stocked up some spices and sauces from Malaysia. Trust me, these things will come in very handy!

05 Spend time with your family & friends

Spend as much time as you can with your family and friends. Leading up to me moving, I was always with either my family or close friends. I made it a point to see them and spend as much time as I could. Honestly, it felt like it wasn’t enough! I took lots of videos and photos, when I get a little homesick. I would watch the videos and photos I took. I didn’t want to take family/friends time for granted. Every night I would go to bed so tired from socially and going out. It was worth it!

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