Getting Married

#KAYXFEN: Getting ready for the ceremony

February 9, 2017

The days leading up to our solemnization, I was a stress ball. It was managing Don’s needs, making sure everything was going smooth, managing my mother’s stress and making sure that I am taking care of my needs. I tried my best to get into bridal mode – letting go and focus on myself, but it was so hard. We had our ceremony at Sime Darby Convention Center (SDCC). It was strict close family and friends. SDCC gave us a complimentary one night stay at the venue. Since the ceremony was going to start early, I stayed overnight in the room with my sister. I had A LOT of trouble sleeping that night. I think it was a combination of sleeping in a foreigner place, nerves and not knowing what was happening outside my bridal room. Not being able to sleep made me even more nervous.

My day started at 530 am. Yes, 530am to get started on my white henna tattoo. My henna artist came around 6 am and she worked on me straight away. I had to get my henna done and dried before my makeup started. The henna artist and I got carried away chatting and didn’t watch the time. She was halfway done when my makeup artist came! I had to quickly get dressed and get ready for hair and makeup.


















































Jibsalim did my makeup and hair. He is a makeup artist I found on Instagram. I met him for a trial makeup early March 2016 and loved the look he did for me. The vision I had for my look is simple, minimal and timeless. I think he achieved it! While I was getting my hair and makeup, my bridesmaid started arriving… family members starting coming in the room to see me…

I was surprisingly calm and cool while getting ready. It didn’t feel like I was getting ready for “my wedding” it felt more like I was getting ready with my girlfriends for an “event” together. Some of my girlfriends were coming up to me, asking if this lipstick was okay? how’s their makeup? my hair? It really felt like a bunch of girlfriends getting ready together! However, it did feel like forever getting ready. I had to sit in front of a window where there’s natural light. My back was facing the room where everyone was getting ready. All the action was happening behind me!! I wanted to be part of it. I was starting to get restless and wanted to stand up to be part of the commotion. Overall, hair and makeup (including white henna) took 3 hours.

Don’s mother came in the room to see before the ceremony started. When I saw her, it finally felt like, okay, his family is here… which means it’s happening soon! Right after she left the room, I started to get nervous that I was almost shaking. I saw some of my relatives having breakfast in the sitting room next to my room, then I realised I didn’t have breakfast yet! No wonder I was shaking. I managed to sneak a few bites of curry puffs before… my sister called me out for stuffing my face and told me to be ready because I have to walk out in 5 minutes! It came as a shock to me! The last 5 minutes I focused on feeding myself and forget my nerves, now… still with a mouthful of curry puffs, I had to walk out the room into the hall to my future husband (again).

…more on that in the next post


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