Getting Married

…I do

April 8, 2016

We got married! I am still pinching myself! I can’t believe that we’re married. We’ve been talking about this on and off for years and it finally happened. When Don and I got engaged, we dove head first on my visa process. We initially wanted to do the Prospective Marriage Visa, but, later on, found out, it is far easier to do a Partner Visa (spousal visa) and it cost the same. It gives us a stronger credibility because we are married. While working out our visa dilemma, we were also trying to set the date for the wedding in Malaysia. We decided to have the Malaysian ceremony and reception end of the year when his family and friends who are overseas will be back to for the festive period. Somewhere along discussing our visa options, wedding planning and the impatientness of wanting to be together. We decided to just get married (the civil ceremony) and start our lives (and deal with the visa situation as we go along).

Don’s family has a tradition of going to a family friend’s holiday house (3 hours south of Perth) every Easter. The place is very special to his family as they grew up there. They have many fond memories of the place. It was the ideal place to hold our ceremony!

Wedding Preparations

wedding prep1wedding prep 3

I kinda feel bad about this. My only contribution to the wedding was the wedding stationeries. Everything else – decor, flowers, food, and the arrangement was done by his family. Everyone who attended contributed to something. I didn’t even get to see what was happening because I was in hair and makeup. I just had little updates of what’s happening from Don who kept coming in to see me. I wasn’t able to do much as well because I was KL trying to sort my life out before coming over.

Makeup and Hair

hair and makeup 2hair and makeup3
It was the long Easter weekend, I was very lucky to get a makeup artist to do my hair and makeup (we got married on Good Friday). I wasn’t 100% happy with my makeup. I felt like my curls were too tight and my makeup was too light. I did ask for a natural look, but she made me look like I didn’t bother with makeup. Even Don said he has seen me more made up. I touched up myself after she left. Added a brighter lipstick and pulled out my curls to make it looser. It felt like I could’ve done a better job, but oh well! I still felt pretty.


I wore a maxi halter neck dress from Zalora. Yes, I bought my dress online. Let me tell you, it was NOT easy to find a simple, white maxi dress. I went around looking for weeks and couldn’t find anything I liked. It was either too expensive, too bridal or both. I didn’t want to spend too much on the dress because I know I will only be wearing it for a few hours and would most probably wear it once. I tried my luck, went on Zalora and found the dress! Bought it, asked a friend who used to work in Zalora to expedite, tried it one, fits, sent for dry cleaning and packed. DONE!


ceremonyceremony 3ceremony 4

We had the ceremony on a cliff overlooking the beach. It was a gorgeous day (it rained the whole day the next day)! I swear we couldn’t have asked for a better location. There I was, marrying the love of my life overlooking a million dollar view. The ceremony itself was short and sweet. The celebrant who officiated us is Don’s aunt – so it truly was a family affair. We shared our vows and exchange rings. Apparently, when it was my turn to say my vows, I didn’t to say “to love you”. After the ceremony, Don came up to me and said: “you didn’t to say I love you!” Oops… I do love the man. We’re thinking of printing our ceremony speech and framing it up.

photos 1

I wanted an official photographer, but Don was against the idea because they’re expensive especially that time of year (It was also a small ceremony, spending that kind of money wasn’t justifiable eventhough it’s our wedding) In his defense, everyone will be holding a camera phone and some of his family members have a DSLR. I argued that I wanted the cliche wedding photos, so we can frame up and remember it for the rest of our lives! On the wedding day, he was right, there were a few DSLRs  and camera phones capturing every moment. I was wrong because I hated posing for the cliche posey couple photos! It was so awkward!!! I couldn’t keep a straight face! We managed to get a few good shots and family photos to frame up.


My awesome mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and Don’s cousins cooked us an amazing lunch. We had fresh barbequed seafood and really good drinks. After lunch, everyone relaxed and changed out of their white outfits (will talk more about the white outfits) and out came the cake. One of the two things I requested was I wanted cake. Mainly for the esthetic-ness of it, I wanted to put a cake topper of our names on the cake. Don’s mom baked us a delicious no flour chocolate cake. It was so good!

Wearing white

wearing white wearing white 2

I love themed related things and personalised items. It gets everyone involved and feel part of the party. Don was opposed to the idea of asking everyone to wear white. He went on about nobody is going to like it. Let everyone wear whatever they want. Bla bla bla. When I told his family I wanted everyone to wear white, everyone was onboard! After that, everything became easier…  What flowers do you want? white. What table setting do you want? white. What this do you want? white. What that do you want? white. Now, I can’t wait to get my all white kitchen.

Spending time with family


Nothing welcomes you to a family like bunking in with siblings and spending a weekend with them – doing things like cooking, eating, cleaning and overall chilling. Don’s family (I guess, part of my family now) was so supportive of my requests. Haha, which was, I wanted everyone to wear white and I want a cake for my cake topper. I had this vision of everyone wearing white against the greens surroundings and it turned out better than I expected. My friends were worried that I might get overshadowed by everyone, judging by the photo below – you can pretty much tell who are the newlyweds. My favourite part of the wedding is that I remember everything and felt so loved because everyone played a role!

It was a magical weekend. That’s one down, 3 more to go and the distance to close.


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  • This is really beautiful Kay 🙂 Saw the pictures on Instagram and girl you are blessed! 🙂 Wearing all white is a great idea and love how everything turned out so clean and simple. No fancy nancy and it has inspired me to do the same in the future. By the way, how gorgeous is that dress from ZALORA?!

    Have a beautiful April kay, can’t wait to see the Malaysian wedding real soon. Also, I’m heading to Esperance end of this month. Have you been there before? I reckon it’s pretty close to where your wedding was? Haha! #macamyes

    Real Life Nerd

    • Hi Viviene! Thank you! Yeah, we wanted it to be really simple and memorable where we actually remembered what was happening. Malaysian wedding is still in the plans – I can’t wait for it to be over already. LOL.

      Not exactly near, Esperance is pretty far south and will be really chilly. Im heading to Perth end of the month – May, let me know if you will have a few days in Perth! Would be nice to meet. 😛

      • Malay wedding can get overwhelming huh!! Aiks dear! Would love to meet you up but I’m heading to Perth end of this month – April :/ Will be there for a few days only before we fly back to Malaysia oh nooooo x

        Real Life Nerd

  • OH WOW. You guys are already married. Your engagement was the last thing I read on this blog. This is one of the simplest but prettiest wedding I’ve seen. I also love your minimalist makeup and dress! Best Wishes, Kay!

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

  • Christa

    Hi Kay! Congratulations on your wedding! I just recently stumbled upon your blog as I was browsing for closing the distance stories. I am in LDR too, I’m in Indonesia and my boyfriend is in the US… we are planning to close the distance next year. Good luck for the next steps! hope all goes as planned for you 🙂