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How To Start On Your Visa Process

March 21, 2016
how to start your visa process

Before you read on, please note that I am no migration agent or lawyer. I did not study law or have any license to help you with visa applications. What you’re going to read below is from my personal experience. It may or may not help you, but I am hoping it does! I’ve read many tips from blogs and forums enough to come up with my own. We have not officially started the process (will be doing that in May). This is to help  or give LDR couples an idea of how to start and those who want to move to Australia under the Partner Visa route.


Don and I did our research on Prospective Marriage Visa/Partner Visa way before we decided to get married. We both knew that marriage is something we want at the end of this distance. We needed to know everything we could before we started our process. Since I have more time than Don, I did most of the reading online. I read blogs, forums and migration websites. It got to a point where the only thing I would talk about to Don was visa applications. We should do this. We should do that. There are so many websites that can help you with the visa application to wherever you want to migrate to. It’s also very interesting to read about other couple’s journey. Every journey is different and you pick the information you need on their journey and apply it to yours.

02 Ask advice from migration agents/lawyers

I emailed both Perth and KL’s migration agents/agencies seeking their consultation and trying to get whatever information they could give me for free. Usually, most migration agents/lawyers would give you a free consultation to see if you want to move on with them. I went to see every “free” consultation see what different information I can get from. You have the option of choosing an agent/lawyer if you can afford to pay the fees and they will help with making the process easier for you. Make sure you find an agent that is certified by Migration Agents Registration Authority.

03 Collect evidence

Evidence for a visa is a whole different level. There’s are so many aspects of ‘evidence’ you will need to provide. Social aspects, financial, household and the nature of commitment to each other. Earlier on, I felt like it might be important to us for me to keep things we gave each other. Don keeps all the cards, notes and random nick-nacks I gave him. We take LOTS of photos. Especially at family events, social outings with friends and at important events like birthday, anniversaries and Christmas/Hari Raya. Not only that, phone logs, emails, and messages. The financial part – where the sponsor (Don) will have to prove that he can support me, how we support each other, how are we going to pay for bills, rent, and food.

If you’re in an LDR like Don and me – They want to see our boarding pass from our visits, how often we see each other and why we are separated. When we get married, who will be responsible for the household – who will cook, who will clean the house, who will take care of the outside of the house and etc. You’re basically telling your case officer your whole life and relationship story. It’s kinda intruding.

04 Just Start

With all the information I had, I didn’t know where to start! It was really overwhelming. Should I gather information/evidence first? Should I start on the forms first? What I did was – I gathered everything I needed in a pile and slowly sorted them out. Once sorted, I printed out the 47SP Form and 80 Form and did a dummy run with forms, to make sure that I had every information I needed and if I needed something, I still had time to get the information. True enough, there were a few things I needed to check back to get more information on. Like, where I travelled to in the past 10 years. All you have to do is just start with something. Forms, organizing your forms/files or evidences.

 If you have any tips on this Partner Visa, so share them with me or link any useful website at the comments below!


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