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A Quick One!

March 14, 2016
a quick one

If you’ve been following my Instagram, you would have known that I went for a quick short trip to Perth to see Don. I needed to be in Perth to run some errands with Don. Since Don’s birthday was on a weekend, we decided that I should come on his birthday weekend. Kill two birds with one stone! There was some drama on the way to the airport. There is a new airline that flies to Australia and I wanted to give it a try. In Kuala Lumpur, we have two airports – KLIA, where most of the premium airlines land and depart and KLIA2 the low-cost carrier.

Malindo Air is in the process of becoming a premium airline and making it move from KLIA2 to KLIA. I don’t know what happen but, the airport printed on my itinerary was wrong. I arrived at the wrong airport and had to rush to the correct airport in less than 1.5 hours. Luckily I made it in time and had some time to buy snacks before boarding.


We headed straight home right after Don picked me up for a nap. I arrived Perth at 5 AM and didn’t get much sleep on the plane. Mostly cause I was excited to see Don. We got ready by 7.30 AM to start our looooong day.

But first, cuddles with my favorite cat in the world Sonny. It may look like he’s hating me, really he is the most chilled cat in the world and pretty much doesn’t GAF.


Usually, Don would make us breakfast (he makes the best breakfast!). I wanted to try this cafe (Good Things Cafe) near his place. We went there with no expectations and we were not disappointed. It was deliciousssss. The portions were big and hearty. It was so good. I had the polenta cake with mushrooms, spinach, and poached eggs. Don had the avocados, mashed peas, and poached eggs. SO GOOD!

After breakfast, we headed to Cottesloe Beach to see the sculptures! Sculpturebythesea is an annual event at Cottesloe Beach where artists from around the world showcase their work at the beach. People would come down the beach to admire and check out the sculptures. It was the perfect day to be at the beach that day. Cloudless sky. No wind. Warm. We regretted not bringing out swimwear.

4 copy


We spent about an hour walking around the beach, looking at the sculptures before heading to Claremont Quarters for aircon and quick grocery run. By this time, it was 10.30 AM and I was tired. The adrenaline that pushed me through the morning was dying and we needed a long nap. We headed home and I took a nice long nap while Don… I am not sure what he did while I nap.

Don has been wanting a stand-up paddle board (SUP) for the longest time. He has talked about since before we started dating and he finally got his hands on one! It took him 3 years… better late than never. We went to give it a try. I am not a big fan of water sports or being in water where I don’t know what’s around me. I was so scared of falling in! Took me a while to get the hang of it. But with guidance from Don, I just went off (with the wind). Even though I was so tired, it was so much fun! We’re both making SUP our thing now.


Since this is our first night together as an engaged couple. Don took me for date night. Believe it or not, this is our FIRST date night together. We sat at the bar, ate cocktail food and drank delicious cocktails while…people watching. Short sequin dresses seemed to be a thing now.

6 copy

After our little date night, we went to a friend’s farewell party. By this time, I was T I R E D and was ready to go home. It’s a really long day and I just want the bed. We didn’t stay too long, but long enough to see what happens… when you play with a smoke machine and you have a smoke detector in the house. My sweet ol’ Don ever ready to help out a friend in need. So the trick is… to cover the smoke detector with a Tupperware. SOLVED!

7 copy

We went home. Don played his PS4 games. I passed out on the couch.


We started the day late because we were so tired from the day before. As our normal traditions, Don made his infamous poached eggs breakfast! It’s smoked salmon, avocados, Tobasco, sweet relish, poached eggs and a sprinkle of chili flakes on toast. I like savory breakfasts hence… the Tobasco and chili flakes. Comfort food at it’s best made with love.


Then we headed to the new Elizabeth Quay. I am so glad to see Perth growing! It’s so nice to see new buildings coming up. We didn’t stay long in the city because it was too hot. The sun was starting to bite me and it was getting uncomfortable walking around. We did go into a few jewelry stores to look at wedding bands for the both of us. That was pretty exciting (for me, at least)!

After that, we just ran a few errands that I was in town for.



For the rest of the day, we just hung out with each other.

Day 3

Don’s birthday!! We planned this trip on his birthday weekend, so we can kill two birds with one stone. This is our first time celebrating a birthday together. I wanted to make it a little special for him, so I got him balloons, banners, and some cake decor. His parents hosted a nice birthday breakfast for him and we got to sing to him a happy birthday. He was so embarrassed about it! Oh well…! Your birthday only comes once a year. Enjoy it while you can. 


Right after breakfast, we ran some quick errands and went home for me to pack. It really sucks saying goodbye to my boys (Don and Sonny the stray). This is the first goodbye I didn’t cry… because I knew that we were going to see each other in a few weeks.


The flight was delayed for 30-40 minutes. I didn’t mind it because I knew it was going to be an empty flight and I had a feeling that I would get a row to myself, which I did! I did the usual – Nap, eat, watch my tv series, some writing, stared into space and clean out my phone.


Not sure if I’ll do a short international trip like that anytime soon. It’s really tiring, but of course really worth it to be with Don.


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