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Being a Long Distance Fiance

March 3, 2016
Being a Long Distance Fiance

Every time I look at my ring, I can’t believe that I am engaged. Engaged to be married to my best friend. It’s so surreal! It took me a while to get used to calling Don, my fiance. It’s a crazy adjustment. I don’t know if other engaged couples feel this, but I felt our relationship’s dynamic changed after we got engaged. For the better, of course. We suddenly had to grow up from our “boyfriend/girlfriend” phrase into “fiance/wife/husband” phrase. I don’t know how to explain it as a whole. Hopefully, the points below will let you understand how I feel.

01 Adult conversations
We have always discussed adult things on the surface – finances, future plans, family planning and wedding prep. But this time, it’s more detailed and serious. I had to map out 2016 according to months to organize our wedding, work, holidays, and travels. It’s so weird to suddenly switch to “adult” mode.

02 Team
Again, I have always referred to us as a team. Whatever we do, we do it together as a team. Because we are in a long distance relationship, there are times when you have to do things solo. NOW, there’s no such thing as going solo (depends on the circumstances). All the decisions we make are together. No more YOU, ME, I. It’s now WE, US, TOGETHER.

03 I worry more
It’s good and bad. I worry about our health, well-being, finances and etc. It’s good because I am aware of my surroundings. I make sure I drink enough water, eat clean food and don’t overspend. I need to stay healthy because there’s so much happening and I can’t afford to get sick! Bad because I am constantly worrying. There’s this constantly worried feeling at the back of my mind.

04 More love
Haha, I am definitely more affectionate toward Don now. I’ve always been an affectionate person. Now, I am 100% more affectionate. I send him love messages. Baby talk. All I want to do is hug him and squeeze him hard!

I think it’s all adjustment. Things can’t change overnight! It’ll take a while for me to fully be comfortable calling him my fiance. I am prepping my mind to move to another country. Trying to spend as much time as I can with my family and be more involved with his family. At the same time, plan our wedding! I am so thankful that it has been a wonderful adjustment.

Any newly engaged couples feel the same? Or did you feel the same when you got engaged?

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