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Life Goals for 2016

January 2, 2016

I did a lot of growing up in 2015 and still think that I have a lot more of growing up to do! This is my first full year back at home after being away for so long (I moved away to Perth, Australia for Uni where I met Don). After years of not living with my parents, things can be a little frustrating. It has definitely taught me how to be more patience and think of others. Other than that, things have been good for me. I decided that to break up my New Year resolutions in sections – beauty, blog and life.
Below are my 2016 life goals!

01 Find a second source of income
Life is so expensive! I just need another source of income to help fund my constant secret side projects and my relationship.

02 Keep reading books or listen
I vow to read a book a month (like how Mark Zuckerberg did for 2015) if I am not able to read a book, I will download the audio version of it.

03 Work on new skills
I am always up to learn new things. Things that can help me in life or my blog. I am thinking of taking CSS coding class, photoshop classes or photography. Oh! I am definitely going for a silkscreen workshop this year!

04 Mentally prepare for new changes
2016 is going to be a big year for Don and I. All our future plan talks are finally leading up. I can’t wait!!!

05. Save more money
Need I say more? Life is really expensive.

06. Find my own personal style
I have to stop following trends and wear what I think suit me. What may look good on other people that may not look good for me, right?

07 Stay in shape
My girlfriends and I booked a beach holiday in September 2016, so I want to have my bikini body ready. Not only staying in shape, I do want to be healthy both body and mind.

08 Improve blushingkay
This should be on my blog resolution. But it’s also part of my life. I write and blog almost every day. I want to improve writing, write better content, share better photos and just grow blushingkay organically.

What are your New Year 2016 resolutions?

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