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What To Expect on Blushingkay

September 14, 2015

Over the past couple of months, blushingkay’s readership has grown tremendously! So, I thought it would be a great idea to reintroduce myself (again) and share a little about what blushingkay is all about. For starters, my name is Khaira. Hello! Welcome to my humble blog.

When I first started in Blushingkay in 2012, it was a place for me to write about my daily antics, beauty reviews and share my film photography. I want it to be my escape and a place for me to document my “creative” journey. I blogged on and off, and only decided to take blogging more serious in 2014. I am so glad I decided to take blushingkay more seriously because I have met so many amazing people through this blog and have been given so many opportunities. Thank you!

I love makeups

I started blushingkay with the hopes of becoming the best beauty blog ever! (Hey, a girl has dreams). It started on really well, slowly I started to get overwhelmed by the amount of makeup I owned and the pressure to keep up to date with the latest of the latest product in the market. So, I put myself on a beauty ban. No new makeup, only the essentials. I set monthly goals for myself to help me stay on track on things I want to achieve. Earlier the month, I set a goal for myself to write more beauty related posts. I have a few topics in my draft waiting to be written, but I couldn’t find any inspiration to do so.

Don and Kay

I have been writing a lot more on my long distance relationship over the past few months. There has been an obvious shift of focus in blushingkay. My current priority is working on my relationship. So it makes sense for me to focus on LDR related topics and things you can do to improve your life. That’s what I am going to do. This is post is a little announcement to say that I am going to shift blushingkay’s focus from a beauty blog to lifestyle blog. In the coming future, you will see more and mainly long-distance + relationship posts along with a little photography, daily life, motivational quotes and DIY!

Beauty is still one of my biggest passion. You will still see some beauty posts here and there. I will share my favourite products, makeup tips and my wish list. The beauty junkie in me can never run.

If you are new or have been a follower of blushingkay, comment below to say hi! I would love to connect with you guys.

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