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Breakfast Date

July 24, 2015

My favourite meal of the day is breakfast, but my biggest problem is waking up early for it. I love hearty breakfast/brunches. I usually go savoury in the morning – Big breakfast, Smoked salmon on egg benedict, a bowl of noodles in beef broth or a typical Malaysian-Indian breakfast, Roti Canai AND coffee, our vice.

During one of my trips to Perth, Don brought me to this cute little cafe in Swanbourne for coffee before a quick dip at the beach. I can’t remember what exactly I had but it had mushrooms, hash brown and spinach. #Sogood. Here’s the thing about me, I must have both savoury and sweet during breakfast. It’s either a sweet drink or a sweet breakfast. Since I prefer a savoury breakfast, my drink is usually sweet. My go-to coffee in the morning is mocha.
Delicioussss hot, sweet mocha for me.
and my man.
One of the reasons why I love Perth is their little cafes. As mentioned above, I am not a morning person :(. Waking up early in the morning is harrrrd. So, I try to find little cafes to try out for breakfast as an incentive. That’s me. I will only wake up for food.
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