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5 Motivational Quotes That Help Me Through My Long-Distance Relationship

April 14, 2015
When Don and I first started our long distance relationship, it was hard. I needed something more than just our words to get me through the time until we see each other next. I did what other long distance couples do, I went to Mr. Google and searched motivational quotes for long distance couples.  After reading through the 100 quotes for long distance couples, I didn’t like any! Sure, there were a few that got to me. But, I felt like the quotes were so pretentious. It didn’t click with what I was feeling at the moment. I told myself that I should just let it come to me. And it did! Over time, things happen and we get through them and boom – a motivational saying comes out from that.
Below are my 5 motivational quotes that help me through my long distance relationship…
Sometimes the distance gets so hard and tough, you are so helpless because there is nothing you can do at that moment but to just hang in there. Whenever I am going through a bad day or things on that day are not on Don and I’s side. I just tell myself – Hang in there, meow. It will get better! I have this posted on my desk at work. It’s a great reminder.
I get anxiety attacks. When I overthink the situation about our end date, the big move and etc. I freak out big time. Do I start questioning things – What if it doesn’t work out? What if we can’t live together? What if we don’t get along? How did I get to this stage? Who is he? After calming myself down, I tell myself – You know who he is. He is your best friend. It will be fine.
After telling myself not to worry, this comes right after. It is super scary for someone to pack up everything they have in their home country to move to another country for love. It sounds so unreasonable and risky, but if you are really serious, you have to risk it. But how will I know if we can make it if we both didn’t risk it. If you want something that badly, you just have to risk it.
Haha, this is for when the haters get to us. There was a time I called up Don crying because I felt like the people around me were giving me a hard time about our long distance relationship. I kept getting questions like – Are you sure? Why are you putting yourself through this? I didn’t expect you guys to be this serious and other hurtful things. After the phone call, Don sends me a text saying “Don’t worry. It’s us against the world.” It’s so true. The world will never be entirely happy for other people. You just have to do what’s best for you and your partner.


This is my favourite.  Because whatever we are going through right now is for our future. I don’t just apply this to my relationship, but for other things as well. I tell myself to eat healthier and exercise so that I will have a strong body and mind when I get older. Decisions I make now will hopefully benefit me in the future! It’s now for later.
If you are going through a long distance relationship, do share with me your motivational quotes that help get you through! I would love to it!
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