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Je parle un peu francaise

July 4, 2014

We had a lovely dinner at La Vie en Rose, a french restaurant in KL to celebrate Laila’s birthday. We went after breaking fast to avoid the traffic jam coming in KL. No one was at home to breakfast with me, all I had been a drink and banana bread, by the time we got to the restaurant, I was starving!!!! And I am clueless with french food, Je Ne sais pas la cuisine francaise! I told Dahlia I would order whatever she ordered, we both had Lamb Tajine (which isn’t french, more like Moroccan). I swear the Banana Leaf girl in me is too strong. Nasi and Curry any day! This dinner was the perfect end to my one week back in KL. I’m loving the twin towers behind our group picture!

Top: Temt
Skirt: Target
Belt: Nash’s
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Chanel


My favourite piece from my outfit is my skirt! Better picture here. This skirt was an impulse buy from Target! I saw it on the rack, picked out my size and went to pay without even thinking of how I was going to style it or why I wanted it. It worked out for me because I love the cutting and will definitely be featuring it more on this blog.


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