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Longing for warmth

August 16, 2017

Back in March, Don got promoted to a new job. His old company allowed him to serve his notice at home (which was four weeks). I felt like it was luck on our side because I had just recently moved to Perth a few weeks before and we had stolen time to spend with each other. Especially coming out from a long distance relationship – it was a time we desperately needed to catch up. We took this opportunity to work on our little home, try out different cafes, meeting up with friends and taking road trips.

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5 things making me feel good

Things That Are Making My Life Good

It’s been almost 6 months since I moved to Perth from KL. The first 2 months was amazing. Both Don and I were getting used to living with each other and we were (still are) in our newly wedded bliss. After I submitted my…

June 15, 2017
winter skincare

My Winter Skincare

Winter is coming… or is already here. It’s so hard to tell here in Perth. The weather changes from being bearable (like shorts + long sleeves bearable) to freezing – turn that heater on now! I am confused from piling up my jumpers, winter…

May 21, 2017
young living essential oils

Essentials Oils I Love and How I Use Them

Never thought I would be writing about essentials oil. Ever since I started on them, it has dramatically changed my life. At first, I was a little sceptical I wasn’t sure if the oils worked or I was just trying to make myself believe…

May 20, 2017

5 Good Habits I’ve Picked Up Since Moving To Perth

If we are not counting, I’ve been coming on and off to Perth for the past 4 years ish. It’s safe to say, I lived in two different worlds! My first world was in KL – busy, bustling city. Shops until late. Restaurants are…

April 19, 2017