What To Expect When You’re *Closing* The Distance (Blushingkay’s experience)

May 23, 2016
What To Expect When You're *Closing* The Distance (Blushingkay's experience)_2

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As I mentioned before in my previous posts, Don and I got married a few months back and we’re closing the distance. I say *closing* because we are still working things out (visas + wedding planning + life) before I actually move to Perth. Right now, I am on my first month-long visit and it has been an eye-opening experience, to say the least. This is by far the longest time I’ve spent with Don (it’s our 4th week together now). It’s a lot different than I imagined, spending an extended period of time with your long-distance love. The first couple of weeks was us getting used to each other’s space. After that a few realization hits you. Especially if when you are moving to a different country with a  different culture.

01 Being away from family & friends

I knew that moving to be with Don means being away from family and friends. I anticipated it that I will miss them like crazy and will do whatever I can to keep in touch with them. I have a family group chat and my parents and siblings love sending videos of my niece and nephew. It hit me like a ton of bricks that I won’t get to see my niece and nephew grow up. I will miss out on many family things.

With friends, it’s so easy to feel lost and have FOMO when your friends are talking about things happening around them or making plans to hang out.


oh god, I miss Malaysian food so much. It’s funny because when I am back in KL, I don’t really eat any local dishes. When I am abroad, I am always craving for it. I think I miss the easy access to quick and fast food. The convenience of going to a 24hr mamak or restaurants that close late.

03 Living with another person 

Although I live with my parents in KL, they have pretty much left me to mind my own business. If they get too overbearing, I can sleepover a friends house or go to Perth to see Don. I am so used to being “by myself”, living with another person is hard for me. It’s really an adjustment.

04 Being domesticated

(I am speaking this from a girl who lives with her parents and has an awesome mother who cleans, cooks and does laundry for the house. Don’t hate on me!) Never realised what a privilege life I had until living with Don. Because he has a cat and carpet floors, I have to vacuum once/twice a week. Wash and do ironing because I have more time than Don. Cook and clean, again because I am at home most of the time. It’s nice to have a hot meal ready for Don when he comes home from work.

05 Being a couple

I think we are an awesome long-distance couple, but we need work on being a couple couple. Haha! I love spending time with Don – watching Tv, go on coffee runs, grocery shopping and etc. I think we’re not used to spending this much time together that we tend to do our own things when we have couple time. For example grocery shopping – Don likes to go aisle to aisle to get things he needs. I like to just go straight to the things I need and check out. So, we tend to separate for an hour until it’s time to check out. I think we got a little too excited being a couple again that we forget that we need time alone to regenerate.

Any couples who recently moved in with their SO? or LDR couples who have closed the distance… any other things I need to expect?


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