My Winter Skincare

May 21, 2017
winter skincare

Winter is coming… or is already here. It’s so hard to tell here in Perth. The weather changes from being bearable (like shorts + long sleeves bearable) to freezing – turn that heater on now! I am confused from piling up my jumpers, winter socks and taking extra long hot showers. Coming from the tropics, this is a shock to me and another thing I noticed my skin has gone out of sync!Β The hot showers, temperamental weather and the heater does not help your skin.Β After experimenting many products, I finally found a routine that is working for me.

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young living essential oils

Essentials Oils I Love and How I Use Them

Never thought I would be writing about essentials oil. Ever since I started on them, it has dramatically changed my life. At first, I was a little sceptical I wasn’t sure if the oils worked or I was just trying to make myself believe…

May 20, 2017

5 Good Habits I’ve Picked Up Since Moving To Perth

If we are not counting, I’ve been coming on and off to Perth for the past 4 years ish. It’s safe to say, I lived in two different worlds! My first world was in KL – busy, bustling city. Shops until late. Restaurants are…

April 19, 2017
Getting Married

#KAYXFEN: The Solemnization Ceremony

Read part 1 here Like I mentioned in the previous post, I didn’t have time to mentally prepare myself before walking in the hall. I was from scoffing down a curry puff chill to nervous beyond words. It was so surreal, it felt like…

February 13, 2017