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Tips to a Good Night’s Sleep

June 22, 2016
Tips to a Good Night's Sleep

I may have found the secret(s) to sleeping better at night. I have trouble sleeping at night. Both body and mind are tired, but I can’t fall asleep. It takes me so long to put myself to sleep. I have read everything on how to sleep well every night – cut caffeine, no phones before bedtime, listen to waves or raindrops and sleeping breathing techniques. The one where you inhale for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds and exhale in a “woosh” sound for 8 seconds. This breathing technique did calm me before bed, but falling asleep? Nope.

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green lemonade

Cold Press Recipe: Green Lemonade

One of the things I love about Australia is their fresh produce. You can easily find the greenest, freshest vegetables and fruits at their local supermarket. One of the first thing I picked up when I was a student who wanted to be healthy…

June 20, 2016
weekly updates 1

Weekly Details #1

I have been wanting to do a weekly recap post every Sunday for the longest time but never got around to it. I decided to be a little smart and do it every Saturday! I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before……

June 18, 2016

Things im struggling with

 I would like to talk about a few things that I am struggling with. 01 Staying off sugar Sugar is my weakness. I can easily be bribed with chocolates (Tim Tams particularly) and gummies. I love them. I can scoff down a bag of…

June 14, 2016
hero kimchi
food Recipes

Kimchi Fried Brown Rice

One of the things I enjoy doing is… watching cooking videos or people eating food on YouTube. It’s so therapeutic. Something about watching food being made just calms me down.  My desire to make this dish is the result of me watching too many…

June 4, 2016
moments in may

Moments in May

I thought I give you guys an update on what I have been doing here in Perth. Here’s a little recap for those new to this blog – I am currently in Perth with my long-distance lover. We’re closing the distance soon after our…

May 31, 2016
bridesmaids inspiration dress
Getting Married

Bridemaids Dress Inspirations

One of the things I am looking forward on my wedding day is how pretty and #squadgoals my bridesmaids are going to look. I care about what I am wearing (of course), but I care more about what my girls are wearing. I have…

May 25, 2016